About Dairy On the Go

Established in 1954, Schwartz Bakery is the first kosher bakery in Los Angeles.

Since its inception, Schwartz Bakery has served the greater Los Angeles community as a staple business catering to some of the most lavish hotels, synagogues, major supermarkets, as well as its five retail locations. Throughout the years, Schwartz Bakery has thrived as an organization that has put a tremendous emphasis on quality control, product design, and customer service. Our bakery has been family-owned and operated for the past 30 years. Originally from Morocco, the Sibony family purchased the bakery from the Schwartz family in 1979. As the Jewish population in Los Angeles grew, so did Schwartz's product line. Today, Schwartz Bakery is the kosher bakery industry leader in bread, pastries, cakes, danishes, cookies, and so much more.

As of 2005, Schwartz Bakery has embarked on a complete renovation and remodeling of its retail locations to adapt to the current times. The newly constructed bakeries, while aesthetically pleasing, now offer a full-service café. Once again, Schwartz Bakery achieved its status as the cutting edge bakery by introducing this concept. Schwartz Bakery has always adapted to the changing times and will continue this going forward and well into the future.